What Are The Advantages Of Three-dimensional Strawberry Planting

Efficient three-dimensional cultivation is in the unit area, the full use of light, heat, water, gas and other natural capital and other economic capital in a certain time, after intercropping, selection of leading science and technology, in the unit area of the last year to harvest more than three seasons of crop goods, reached the intention of high efficiency, it is the full use of time and space, From the space to strive for time, from the time to make full use of space, through the implementation of science and technology, and strive to harvest crop goods arranged in a better value period, without prejudice to the upper and lower crop production of three-dimensional cultivation of the form.

Three-dimensional planting early beginning in the general intercropping interplanting, early in the Han Dynasty has begun intercropping interplanting, but it is only a brief mix of intercropping, with the development of social and scientific and technological, intercropping and interplanting after each generation of continuous development.