Types Of Stereoscopic Cultivation

Three-dimensional cultivation, also known as vertical cultivation, is as far as possible without affecting the ground cultivation of the premise, a kind of soilless culture, which is to develop the space of greenhouse and solar energy, to exert the productive potential of the limited ground, and mainly to cultivate some dwarf seedlings such as lettuce and strawberry , can increase the land utilization ratio 3~5 times, can increase the unit area production 2~3 times.

The 1960s, three-dimensional soilless cultivation in developed countries, the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy and other countries to develop different forms of three-dimensional soilless culture, such as multi-layer, overhanging, sausage, unit superposition, and so on, our country since the 1990s began to promote this technology, Pillar-type soilless culture has become the preferred project of sightseeing agriculture because of its high technology, novelty and aesthetics, and has been adopted in Beijing, Shanghai, northeast, Hebei, Jiangsu and other areas in recent years.