The Meaning Of Three-dimensional Cultivation Trough

Three-dimensional cultivation is also called vertical cultivation is a three-dimensional soilless culture, this type of cultivation is not affected by the premise of the plane cultivation, through the four-week vertical column cultivation or in the form of scaffolding, hanging, and other forms of vertically graded cultivation, to space development, the full use of greenhouse space and solar energy, Therefore, the land utilization rate can be increased 3~5, and the production per unit area will increase 2~3 times.

Three-dimensional planting trough for the cultivation of strawberries, in addition to easy to pick, the plane of traditional cultivation model into a three-dimensional cultivation model, for the growth of strawberry production, efficiency has a lot of benefits, and even experts called it a strawberry cultivation technology on a revolution.

The soilless culture of strawberry grows strong, high yield, good quality, save water, save fertilizer, save labor, pests and diseases less, also avoid soil continuous cropping obstacle, at the same time greatly expand crop growth space, it is understood that from the number of cultivated per unit area, the planting density of strawberry in traditional cultivation mode is 8000~10000 per Mu, After the model of three-dimensional soilless culture, the number of plants planted can increase the 20%~30%, greatly increase the yield and increase the economic benefit.

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