Production Process Of Hydroponic Leaf Vegetables

The production process of hydroponic leafy vegetables includes five stages, such as precision sowing, seedling rearing, seedling transplanting, leaf vegetable cultivation and leaf vegetable harvesting. First, the seeds are seeded into the hole plate for seed cultivation, after sowing, the seeds should be treated with germination, and seedling cultivation is usually based on the matrix; when seedlings are transplanted in a certain period after the growth of the disk, the seedlings are transplanted from the dense cultivation point plate into the cultivated container with low density and large cultivation space, such as pipe-type cultivation trough or floating plate cultivation hole, then carry on the leaf vegetable cultivation, this stage uses the nutrient liquid water culture production; and then after a period of cultivation to reach the harvest period. The incubation period was different from the varieties of leaf vegetables, generally 25~30 D, and 12~15 stubble could be cultivated in one year.