Our Hydroponic Indoor Farming System In Sweden!

Our hydroponic indoor farming system in Sweden!



 "The first advent will always be special. That's when the first little sprout looked up. Then I thought of the peasantry who had vacancies, the hobbyists sitting at home thinking about spring and all the seeds in nature underneath leaves and moles. it's no problem. We're starting to grow here and now, "says Olof Guldbrandsson Kolthoff.Mikael Lindblom

Olof from Kil makes his own cultivation system

COMPANY: "The Nordic region is lagging behind in hydroponic cultivation"

23-year-old Olof Guldbrandsson Kolthoff from Kil has gone from being an urban hobbyist to inventing her own cultivation gadgets. On Thursday he started his company Allgreen with the purpose of making a difference to the environment.