The common cultivation pattern of strawberry

The commonly used cultivation mode is: three-dimensional cultivation, cylindrical three-dimensional cultivation.

(i) shelf-style cultivation is the use of 2--3 layer-layered framework, placed in the framework of the cultivation of containers, the container to grow strawberries, this layered framework is divided into: a font and ladder-shaped, in order to reduce shading, the cultivation should be placed in accordance with the North and south, when placed to pay attention to the spacing between the two rows of cultivation should be reasonable, generally not less

(b) Columnar three-dimensional cultivation: the use of columns to fix and support the cultivation of bowl and drip box, and the cultivation of the bowl throughout the body, commonly used four-petal plastic cultivation bowl, in each flap to grow strawberries, according to the height of greenhouse greenhouses, set the number of plastic bowl per column, the cultivation column should also be fixed on the north and south to the ground, Line spacing of not less than 0.5m, we use a-type layer frame, high 1.5m or so.