The characteristics of leaf vegetable production by hydroponic cultivation

1. Can be in the same site for the anniversary of cultivation, Chang operation is simple, only the seedlings implanted into the hole can be sown at any time, planting, harvesting, uninterrupted continuous production. Suitable for planning, contract production, adapt to market demand.

2. Vegetable growth cycle short, turnover fast. Hydroponic method is also a facility production, generally not easy to be damaged by typhoons, coastal areas in the typhoon season can supply fresh vegetables farmers often can get higher profits.

3. Because of the short growth cycle of leafy vegetables, if there is no serious disease and insect pests in the middle, generally from planting to harvesting only once the nutrient solution, no need to replace the nutrient solution, so the production management is convenient.

4. Hydroponic leaf vegetables can avoid continuous cropping obstacle, high cropping, high economic efficiency.