Scientific planting-planting salt-tolerant crops

After harvesting the vegetable, the corn that absorbs the fertility is strong, sorghum, cabbage and other crops, can effectively reduce the soil salt content and acidity, if the soil has accumulated salt phenomenon or acid strong, can plant salt-tolerant vegetables such as spinach, celery, eggplant, or strong acid-resistant rapeseed, spinach, taro, etc., to absorb the soil salt.

The soil water retention and fertilizer ability is low, the clay aeration, the permeability is poor, generally to coarse sand and heavy clay should be improved texture, the improvement of the depth range of topsoil, improved measures for sand and clay mixed with sand.

The ratio of sand to clay is wider, and the amount of clay mixed with sand is larger than that required, otherwise the effect is not good or even counterproductive. Blending operations can be combined with tillage, Harrow or rotary tillage in the soil.

Soil improvement Project Quantity is big, the general suitable local materials, according to the conditions, can be carried out yearly, such as in the land formation, road and irrigation and drainage system construction, can be planned to carry the soil, for soil improvement.