How to grow hydroponic vegetables?

1. Water-making tank: the main body of hydroponic tank is an impervious box, can use pots, wooden boxes, etc., preferably polystyrene foam box, the box is inlaid with the same long width of foam floating board used to carry the vegetables and the quality of the small plastic bowl or cup, perforated on the floating board, aperture to just bear the right to live in the cup suitable.

2, with nutrient solution: Hydroponic Vegetable Nutrient Solution formula is more, widely used in Versailles nutrient solution Formula 1 liters of potassium nitrate 0.568 grams, calcium nitrate 0.710 grams, ammonium phosphate 0.142 grams, magnesium sulfate 0.284 grams, ferric chloride 0.112 grams, potassium iodide 0.00284 grams, boric acid 0.00056 grams, Zinc sulfate 0.00056 grams, manganese sulfate 0.00056 grams.

3, colonization of the substrate: the seedlings can be used in the nutrition soil in advance, in the seedlings have 2 leaves 1 heart to 4 leaves 1 heart period colonization, with peat and washing slag by 1:1 prepared into a colonization matrix. In the base of the planting cup hole, wear about 2 cm wide, about 10 cm long non-woven cloth, non-woven cloth into the cup length of about 3 cm. In the planting Cup, first put 1/2 of the substrate, and then implanted seedlings, and then add substrate colonization.

4, seedling colonization: seedling implantation as far as possible to make the root of small seedlings straight and not injured, the water in the incubator to add a half nutrient solution, planting cups embedded in the floating plate holes, non-woven cloth to expose the bottom of the floating plate at least 3 centimeters. The floating plate is embedded on the water incubator, and the regulating liquid surface is in contact with the bottom of the planting Cup.