Hydroponic Horizontal System

  • Greenhouse NFT Horizontal Lettuce System
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    Greenhouse NFT Horizontal Lettuce System

    Greenhouse NFT horizontal lettuce system NFT SYSTEM Nutrient film technqiue, or NFT, places plants inside channel gutters so that it's roots come into direct contact with shallow streams of nutrient infused water. The gutters are angled in a downward slope so that the water automatically...Read More
  • Outdoor NFT Horizontal Salads System
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    Outdoor NFT Horizontal Salads System

    Outdoor NFT horizontal Salads system Why choose Hydroponic ? 1, Growing made simple, easy and efficient 2, No need for daily watering of plants 3, Higher production in smaller spaces 4, Faster harvest time 5, Consistent harvests 6, Better quality plants. Bigger, tastier, higher yields &...Read More
  • Hydroponic Gutter Strawberry System
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    Hydroponic Gutter Strawberry System

    Hydroponic gutter strawberry system What is hydroponic gutter system ? hydroponic gutter systems are economical and flexible gutter-systems to support the substrate. Economical because the drain water is collected for reuse and flexible because we can adjust the sizes of each system to the...Read More
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