with LED Growing Lights

  • Zipgrow System
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    Zipgrow System

    Zip grow system Why Zip Grow ? Today's farmers need appropriate technology to make the vertical farming equation work. They need simple, robust systems that produce high yields and keep labor costs low. They need a system that allows them to get farming quickly and scale up when they're...Read More
  • Aquaponics System Fish and Vegetables
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    Aquaponics System Fish and Vegetables

    Aquaponics system AQUAPONICS Aquaponics is a relatively new concept where both fish and plants are grown together in one integrated system. The fish emits waste which contains microbes. Microbes are forms of bacteria which converts the ammonia in the waste into nitrates, a form of nitrogen that...Read More
  • Small Vertical Tower System
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    Small Vertical Tower System

    Small Vertical Tower system Vertical tower system is most popular system,it can be used for many different crops, like, lettuce, salads, strawberry, etc.. It can work indoor or out door, we also can change the size and planting numbers with you request. It is easy to work and can be customized !...Read More
  • Hydroponic Vertical Wall System
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    Hydroponic Vertical Wall System

    Vertical wall system WHY HYDROPONICS ? 1, Growing made simple, easy and efficient 2, No need for daily watering of plants 3, Higher production in smaller spaces 4, Faster harvest time 5, Consistent harvests 6, Better quality plants. Bigger, tastier, higher yields & nutritional content 7,...Read More
  • Hydroponic Small Indoor Farm
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    Hydroponic Small Indoor Farm

    Small indoor farm Indoor vertical system. we do it use 18w, 20W or 36 W Led growing lights. We also can offer the rack, all part can be customized by your request. Usually we use 100mmx50mm or 118mmx50mm NFT Channel for Leaf crops. If you don't have greenhouse and want to set up commercial...Read More
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