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Small indoor farming

Indoor vertical system. we do it use 18w, 20W or 36 W Led growing lights.

Small indoor farming

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Small indoor farm

Indoor vertical system. we do it use 18w, 20W or 36 W Led growing lights. 

We also can offer the rack, all part can be customized by your request. 

Usually we use 100mmx50mm or 118mmx50mm NFT Channel for Leaf crops.

If you don't have greenhouse and want to set up commercial project indoor. 

This way is the best choice !


Hydroponics is a clean and efficient way to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers using water and non-soil growing mediums. The water is mixed with food grade nutrient solutions, where it's concentration and pH levels are adjusted based on needs of different plants. Water is favored because plants are able to efficiently uptake its food, as opposed to soil where the roots must search out the nutrients and extract them. In this sense, plants focus on full growing potential rather than food searching. 


Hydroponic equipment

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