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NFT zag shape system

NFT zag shape system

NFT zag shape system

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NFT Zag shape vertical system

Nutrient film technqiue, or NFT, places plants inside channel gutters so that it's roots come into direct contact with shallow streams of nutrient infused water. The gutters are angled in a downward slope so that the water automatically travels down in a constant flow cycle, recirculated back up by water pumps. This allows the roots to have direct water and nutrient source 24/7, without the need for daily watering of plants. NFT is most commonly used for leafy vegetables such as lettuce, and various leafy vegetables.

Zag shape vertical system, is the best vertical system in the world.

You can get the max crops in limted space.

We use NFT Channel with removable lid 118mmx50mm for system.

The size is 2.4m length, 0.5m width and 2m height.

We also can change the size with your request.



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