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NFT Hydroponic For Lettuce Growing
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NFT Hydroponic For Lettuce Growing

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Basic Info

Model NO.: hydropionics

Grop: Leaf crops ,strawberries .

Irrigation: drop irrigation

Trademark:DX Hydro

Transport Package: Safe Packaging for Container Shipment

Specification: Can be customized 

Origin: China

Product Description

I. What is hydroponics

Hydroponics, simply defined, is the growing of plants in a water and fertilizer solution containing the necessary nutrients for plant growth. The word was derived from two Greek words, hydro, meaning water, and ponos, meaning labor, or literally, water working. 

II. The advantage of hydroponics

- Save land. You can plant anywhere, even on the roof top

- Save water

- Save labor

- Save fertilizer

- Save pesticide

- High production

- High product quality and more safety

- Product harmony

- All the growing conditions can be controlled. 

III. Types of hydroponics systems

- NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) System

In an NFT system, the plants are grown in channels which the nutrient solution is pumped through. The plan roots are kept moist by the thin film of nutrient solution as it passes by. 

- DFT (Deep Flow Technique) System

In DFT, a depth of nutrient solution is circulated around the roots either by gravity or by using a pump. 

Media based System

These types of hydroponic systems rely on some material, such as gravel, aggregate, perlite, vermiculite, or rockwool to support the plants and the roots in the nutrient solution. 

IV. We can provide customized complete hydroponics growing solutions for you! 

1. Project planning & design

2. Modern greenhouse facilities & equipments

3. Intelligent control system

4. Hydroponics cultivation facilities (growing beds, growing gutters, etc)

5. Water & fertilizer management system (irrigation system and precise fertilization system)

6. Materials (seeds, substrate, nutrient solution, etc)

7. Hydroponics growing technology support & training



  +8618701036303