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Hydroponic strawberries system
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Hydroponic strawberries system

hydroponic gutter systems are economical and flexible gutter-systems to support the substrate.

Hydroponic strawberries system

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Hydroponic gutter strawberry system

What is hydroponic gutter system ?

hydroponic gutter systems are economical and flexible gutter-systems to support the substrate. Economical because the drain water is collected for reuse and flexible because we can adjust the sizes of each system to the specific wishes of each customer. For vegetables we offer systems isolated from the ground with separate drain water discharge to avoid roots growing into the drain gutter. The most advanced technology is a system with root temperature control. This is developed especially for countries with a hot climate. For flowers we offer various systems on the ground as well as systems raised from the ground for the best growth situation and air circulation. We supply systems made of Food grade PVC, These are extremely solid systems to support the substrate and to collect the drain water. The system is adjustable in height and width. The gutters can be produced endless inside the greenhouse, or in transportable length with a maximum of 6 mtrs. but we can use connector to get any length. hydroponic gutter systems are mostly used for crops such as vegetables, roses and strawberries.


1,Can you build a hydroponic system for me?

Our systems are specially designed for commercial farming, so we do not build any home systems.  Though if you are interested in making a commercial investment then feel free to contact us and we can arrange things accordingly. 

2,Are you organic?

Hydroponic produce is higher quality and healthier than organic produce, and we aim to prove this to our clients by our opennes, honesty and commitment to bringing only the best to your dinner table.

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