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20W Full spectrum led growing light

20W Full spectrum led growing light

20W Full spectrum led growing light 

Product Features:

1, the shell material from the 6063 aluminum alloy and transmittance up to 96% of the PC cover composition.

2, with 96pc single 0.2w2835 patch composition, built-in 20w constant current drive power, PF> 0.9, with high brightness, low power consumption.

3, the input voltage AC85-265V, easy to use, suitable for any country.

4, the product life of 25,000 hours or more, up to 50,000 hours or more.

5, for no light or low light environment of tissue culture seedlings, water culture leafy vegetables. Can provide uniform illumination, reduce the distance between layers, to ensure the consistency of seedlings and vegetables shape and grow, shorten the growth cycle.

6, can be customized according to customer requirements optical formula.

7, the product through the CE, RoHS certification, safety, environmental protection does not contain harmful substances.


The product can be used as plant tissue culture, plant water culture leafy vegetables, agricultural research institutes, nursery base of the main source. 

Products are currently installed in line with the traditional fluorescent tube, used to replace the current tissue culture seedlings with the traditional lamp.

Item No. Size Inner packing size Outside packing size N.W G.W

DX-PR0T820 1200x32mm 1230x35x35mm 1280x230x230mm 0.36kg 14kg/25pc

LED Quantity Nominal power True power Voltage PPFD

96pcs 25w 23w AC85-265V 50umol/0.3m

LED Chips LED Type IP grade Beam angle Irradiation area

san'an 2835SMD IP20 120° 0.4㎡/0.3m

(Light formula):full Spectrum (400-800nm)

Spectrum :

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